Zen and the Art of Animal-Assisted Therapy

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A placid Nice Pyrenees proves that typically, simply being there may be sufficient.

When Kolya, a Nice Pyrenees, ambled via the corridors of the UCLA Medical Heart sporting his blue-and-gold scarf and Folks-Animal Connection (PAC) remedy canine ID, he stopped site visitors. Sufferers, guests, nurses and medical doctors halted of their tracks to stare at his 150 kilos of calm, laid-back whiteness. Kids questioned if he was a canine or a small pony. Ought to they pet him or experience him?

Betty Walsh, a volunteer, led her canine on a free lead as they walked, permitting him to proceed at his deliberate, relaxed, rocking tempo. Because the pair moved slowly via the hospital corridors, she stopped and allowed everybody to admire, pet and meet Kolya. It typically took her half-hour to get to the elevator.

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