Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

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As canine dad and mom, we would like our pups to stay blissful and wholesome lives. It’s frequent to surprise if canine can eat a few of our favourite wholesome snacks, reminiscent of pineapple. However some meals could have well being advantages for people however are poisonous for canine, reminiscent of grapes and darkish chocolate. 

Pineapples aren’t on the banned listing of canine meals, says Shadi Ireifej, DVM DACVS.

“Fed moderately, your canine can ingest pineapple,” says Dr. Ireifej, the founder and chief medical officer at VetTriage. 

Dr. Ireifej shares every thing it’s essential learn about letting your canine have slightly pineapple.

Are pineapples good for canine?

Dr. Ireifej says pineapples are low on energy however excessive in nutritional vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which can have some well being advantages for canine. These embrace potassium, calcium, zinc and folate. 

“Pineapples have manganese, [which supports] development and metabolism,” says Dr. Ireifej. 

They might additionally support in gastrointestinal and immune system well being partly due to the vitamin C they include. 

Pineapples are additionally scrumptious — they’re filled with pure sugars. Ireifej suggests choosing recent or frozen pineapple.

“Keep away from canned as a consequence of added sugar content material or rinse it to take away the added sugar,” he suggests.

Can canine eat pineapple? Right here’s what it’s essential know earlier than giving your canine pineapple. Picture: manushot/Getty Photos

What are the cons of giving your canine pineapple?

Somewhat pineapple is okay, however Ireifej doesn’t advocate making it a part of your pup’s on a regular basis weight loss program. Although the sugars in pineapple are pure, there’s a such factor as an excessive amount of of a very good factor. Ireifej warns feeding a canine an excessive amount of sugar can result in weight problems, diabetes and dental illness.

“Just a few chunks which can be peeled and sliced into bite-sized items are most popular,” Dr. Ireifej suggests.

What unintended effects ought to I look out for if my canine eats pineapple?

Typically, meals simply doesn’t agree together with your canine. Should you discover any of those unintended effects after giving your canine pineapple, name your vet. You might also attempt a few of these at-home treatments with their approval.

Gastroenteritis: In case your pup has a stomachache, Dr. Ireifej says you might attempt giving them broiled hen and rice for 5 to 10 days. Improve walks to assist in digestion. Ireifej recommends 4 to 6 occasions per day in case you can swing it. Signs embrace diarrhea, vomiting, a loud intestine, gasoline and common discomfort. Dr. Ireifej additionally says you would possibly discover your canine consuming grass, not consuming in any respect, ingesting extra water than ordinary and pacing. He suggests seeing a vet for a proper prognosis.Constipation: Much like gastroenteritis, 4 to 6 walks per day might help get issues shifting. One other little bit of one other desk meals, canned pumpkin, might also assist. The quantity of pumpkin you give is size-dependent. Ireifej says there’s no arduous and quick rule, however he recommends one tablespoon for smaller canine, two for medium breeds, three for giant and 4 for extra-large. Seek the advice of your vet in case you are uncertain. And enhance water consumption. Attempt making it enjoyable by “permitting the pet to play with and ingest ice cubes,” Ireifej recommends.Dental Illness: Sugar could cause dental illness in canine, too. Dr. Ireifej recommends enzymatic dental chews and toothbrushing. 

Should you suppose your canine could have diabetes or is overweight, seek the advice of your vet for interventions. 

If pineapple causes extra hurt than good, it’s greatest to keep away from it — it’s not a needed a part of a canine’s weight loss program. But when your pup enjoys it and doesn’t expertise any antagonistic unintended effects, slightly could be a tasty (and wholesome) deal with. 

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