Leptospirosis in Dogs: What You Should Know

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Leptospirosis is a illness attributable to micro organism shed within the urine of contaminated wildlife. Deer, skunks, and raccoons are the most important reservoirs, though rodents like mice and rats carry it too. Leptospirosis usually causes extreme kidney and liver harm, which may generally be deadly. It’s a zoonotic illness, which implies it infects people as effectively. 

For all of those causes, it’s vital for canine house owners to pay attention to this illness, perceive how it’s unfold, know what indicators to look at for, and most significantly, study the very best methods to stop it.


The leptospire is a selected sort of micro organism referred to as a spirochete. It’s distinctive from different micro organism in that it can’t be simply cultured in a laboratory, which makes it a problem to your veterinarian to definitively diagnose your sick canine. 

The leptospire multiplies within the kidneys of reservoir hosts, similar to deer, skunks, and raccoons. Reservoir hosts are those who have tailored to this organism and subsequently don’t fall unwell with illness; they merely carry the organism and shed it of their urine. The leptospire doesn’t multiply as soon as it’s shed into the surroundings, however it might survive for weeks and even months in heat, moist situations. It loves stagnant water, puddles, and muddy soil – that is the place you and your canine ar most definitely to come across it. 

Species who change into unwell with leptospirosis are referred to as incidental hosts. These embrace each canines and people. The leptospire enters the incidental host via mucous membranes (both when swimming or ingesting from mud puddles) or via breaks within the pores and skin (once more, both via swimming or simply monitoring via mud with cuts or open sores).

As soon as inside a inclined host, leptospires multiply quickly within the bloodstream, the place they instantly begin damaging the liner of blood vessels. This blood vessel damage then results in organ harm. The kidneys and liver are mostly affected, however leptospirosis may cause damage to the lungs, eyes, and central nervous system.


The chance to your canine depends upon your geographical location, house surroundings, way of life, and time of 12 months. 

Leptospirosis is a worldwide illness, most prevalent in areas with excessive rainfall and hotter climates. In the US, Hawaii is the most important sizzling mattress for leptospirosis, however instances have been documented everywhere in the nation. Numbers are excessive on the West Coast, within the higher Midwest, in addition to within the Northeast, Southeast, and mid-Atlantic coastal areas. Case numbers in the US peak in late fall.

Dwelling environments with a excessive neighborhood wildlife inhabitants pose a better threat, particularly in case your yard just isn’t fenced to maintain bigger animals like deer out. 

In case your way of life contains climbing, tenting, or strolling in parks or wooded areas along with your canine, your threat of publicity to leptospirosis is greater. When you dwell in an city space with a extra sedentary or indoor way of life, your threat is far decrease, though mice and rats may be carriers. 

Whereas an increase in leptospirosis instances in city areas has been documented, I’m exhausting pressed to imagine that the quantity of urine a mouse leaves behind is as vital as that of a deer when it comes to publicity. No threat, nonetheless, is best than low threat, so rodent management in city environments is beneficial.


He’s no search-and-rescue canine (he’s not even trying or smelling in the proper instructions!), however this picture signifies he’s clearly prone to publicity to leptospirosis, given the proximity of raccoons and their capacity to enter his yard. The raccoon is in a tree now, but it surely was in his yard simply minutes earlier than the image was taken.

In case your canine turns into contaminated with leptospirosis, the indicators may be variable however virtually all the time embrace lethargy and lack of urge for food. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme thirst, and urination are frequent. Icterus (yellow mucous membranes) steadily happens when there’s liver involvement. 

Much less frequent however doable indicators embrace muscle ache, belly ache, and inflammatory eye situations. If the lungs change into broken, issue respiration and coughing up blood can happen. Lung involvement, which carries a a lot graver prognosis, is luckily not frequent. 

Diagnosing leptospirosis in canines is difficult. Your veterinarian will use a mix of historical past, bodily examination findings, blood assessments, and urinalysis to reach at an preliminary index of suspicion for this illness. If it’s excessive sufficient, the following step contains submission of blood for a take a look at referred to as a microscopic agglutination take a look at (MAT). This take a look at appears for antibodies in opposition to leptospirosis. Sounds easy, proper? It’s not! 

A number of complicating components make a single MAT inadequate for definitive prognosis of leptospirosis. First, antibodies aren’t all the time identifiable early in the midst of a illness. It takes time for the immune system to kind antibodies. 

One of the simplest ways to know for certain is to have a look at paired samples, one taken immediately (the acute titer) and one taken two weeks later (the convalescent titer). If this reveals a fourfold or better enhance in titer, it’s thought-about diagnostic for leptospirosis. However we will’t wait two weeks to start out remedy for leptospirosis! It’s crucial that your canine be began on applicable antibiotic remedy as early as doable.

To make issues worse, antibiotic remedy might dampen the rise within the antibody titer we use for making a definitive prognosis. So whereas it might be leptospirosis, it won’t seem like it, based mostly on a scarcity of rising titer within the paired samples. That is irritating, however I’ve realized that so long as the preliminary index of suspicion is excessive sufficient, the affected person receives early applicable remedy, and makes a full restoration, it’s all good. We simply gained’t be capable of say it was positively leptospirosis on this state of affairs; we will solely say it most likely was. 

Listed here are two extra components that may confound prognosis: Vaccinated canines can nonetheless succumb to energetic an infection! And canines who’ve been vaccinated for leptospirosis will show vaccine-induced antibodies on a titer take a look at! 

This implies when a vaccinated canine is available in with indicators suggestive of leptospirosis, and has a optimistic titer on the MAT, there’s no approach to differentiate energetic an infection antibodies from vaccine-induced antibodies. Does he have leptospirosis or not? Solely time will inform. Within the meantime, you may wager I’m treating him for it.

A polymerase chain response (PCR) take a look at, which appears for the precise DNA of the leptospire organism and isn’t affected by vaccination standing, is at the moment obtainable. These assessments can establish illness earlier, however their accuracy continues to be beneath investigation. Which means if the PCR comes again damaging, it will nonetheless be prudent to provoke remedy if the veterinarian’s index of suspicion is excessive.


Whereas prognosis may be difficult, remedy is extra simple. The leptospire organism just isn’t delicate to many antibiotics, however luckily it’s extremely delicate to a couple. This implies in case your canine will get a swift, correct prognosis, and applicable remedy is began early in the midst of the illness, you may normally count on a very good final result; as many as 80% of canines dealt with on this method will make a full restoration.

Applicable antibiotic remedy is paramount to a profitable final result. Penicillin, or its by-product ampicillin, is normally instituted early, as these medicine eradicate the micro organism from the bloodstream. Doxycycline is usually given for a minimum of two weeks, as this antibiotic helps clear the organism from the kidneys. Anti-emetics (anti-vomiting) and ache medicines are administered as wanted. 

Therapy virtually all the time includes admission to the hospital for a number of days or longer, relying on the severity of illness. Kidney and liver involvement requires aggressive intravenous fluid remedy and shut skilled monitoring. Sufferers with extreme kidney failure who fail to answer intravenous fluid remedy ought to be referred to a specialty heart for dialysis.

As soon as discharged from the hospital, your canine would require shut monitoring for a number of months, though a very good prognosis may be given at this level. 

Your veterinarian will advise you on find out how to safely deal with your canine’s urine at house, which incorporates carrying gloves when cleansing it up. Routine family disinfectants with bleach are efficient in opposition to this micro organism, so utilizing a yard sprayer and a bleach answer to spray every place the place your canine urinates in your yard can be prudent. 

In case you have different canines, you’ll want to ask your vet about proactively treating the others with doxycycline, simply in case. I do know my canines drink from, and monitor via, all the identical puddles after we are out and about. If one turns into contaminated, there’s a very good probability the opposite has been uncovered. 


Efficient rodent management, indoors and out, is all the time a good suggestion. A fenced yard will assist preserve the bigger wildlife reservoirs like deer from urinating the place your canine goes out. Apart from retaining your canine in a bubble, there’s all the time an environmental threat of exposing your canine to leptospires!

That is the place vaccination is available in. The canine leptospirosis vaccines which might be at the moment obtainable all defend in opposition to 4 serovars of the micro organism. Whereas the 4 serovars within the vaccine aren’t the one serovars your canine might encounter in the US – greater than 200 totally different leptospirosis serovars have been recognized – they’re the most typical. Moreover, the vaccine offers some cross-protection from the opposite serovars. Even higher, there’s some proof that vaccinated canines who change into contaminated with leptospirosis might expertise much less extreme illness.

 I like to recommend ready till 12 weeks of age to start out the leptospirosis vaccine. The preliminary collection requires two doses, given three weeks aside. Thereafter, an annual booster is given. In areas the place veterinarians see a whole lot of instances, your vet might suggest boostering extra steadily than that, maybe as usually as each six to 9 months, based mostly on their scientific expertise.  


You could have heard about or had your personal damaging experiences with the leptospirosis vaccine prior to now. As a working towards veterinarian, I can attest to the truth that years in the past, this vaccine appeared to trigger considerably extra, and considerably worse, opposed reactions in canines than different vaccines. The smaller breeds, particularly Pugs and Dachshunds, had been positively over-represented when it got here to reactions related to the leptospirosis vaccine. Breeders of small breed canines would steadily warn their pet patrons of the hazard of this vaccine and strongly advise in opposition to it. 

Happily, with the markedly improved vaccines in use right this moment, that is now not the case. Current research have proven this vaccine to be no extra reactive than any of the opposite routine canine vaccines.

Vaccination, nonetheless, is rarely with out threat, which is why I like to recommend a illness risk-assessment for every particular person canine earlier than deciding which vaccines are applicable for that canine. Any time you or your canine receives a vaccine, you’re accepting a certain quantity of threat. Reactions vary from delicate (simply not feeling effectively for twenty-four hours) to reasonable (hives and/or vomiting and diarrhea) to extreme (life-threatening anaphylactic shock). Vaccination also can have delayed reactions that present up weeks later within the type of auto-immune illness. 

That’s why, in case your canine has minimal or no threat of getting a illness, it won’t make sense to show your canine to the inherent dangers related to vaccination. The present American Animal Hospital Affiliation Vaccination Tips help this concept by itemizing leptospirosis as a “non-core” vaccine, that means it might not be applicable for all canines. Examples of core vaccines, that are beneficial for all canines, embrace distemper, parvovirus, and rabies.

The underside line is, don’t be afraid of getting a leptospirosis vaccine to your canine, however do a considerate threat evaluation, contemplating your surroundings and way of life, earlier than deciding. In case your yard may be accessed by skunks, raccoons, and deer, or you could have a  heavy wildlife inhabitants close to your own home, your canine’s threat is greater. Canines who’re taken tenting or climbing in areas the place wildlife is current are additionally at a better threat. 

In the end, whether or not or to not vaccinate your canine for leptospirosis is as much as you. As all the time, the very best recommendation for you and your canine comes out of your veterinarian. 

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