Boston Terrier Cured Thanks to Groundbreaking 3D Laparoscopic Procedure

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UC Davis performs first 3D laparoscopic adrenalectomy in veterinary drugs.

Louie, an 8-year-old male Boston terrier, was recognized with Cushing’s illness by his major veterinarian. Cushing’s illness causes a canine’s adrenal glands to provide an excessive amount of cortisol, a chemical that controls many features of a canine’s physique, together with its weight, its means to struggle infections, preserve blood sugar ranges, and plenty of different important features. In Louie, the Cushing’s illness was attributable to a tumor in his proper adrenal gland. His major veterinarians referred Louie to the Gentle Tissue Surgical procedure Service on the UC Davis veterinary hospital for surgical removing of his proper adrenal gland.

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