Dog Tear Stains: What You Should Know

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It’s irritating to see rusty brown tear stains in your canine’s lovely face. With so many tear-stain-removing merchandise on the market within the pet provide shops, you could be tempted to purchase one. But when your canine has watery eyes, earlier than reaching for merchandise that will assist take away tear stains, please have your canine examined by a veterinarian. There are a lot of situations that may trigger the eyes to water excessively which, left unaddressed, may end up in ache and lack of imaginative and prescient.

The listing of attainable underlying points is lengthy. A few of the most typical embrace allergy symptoms, inflammatory situations (like conjunctivitis, corneal irritation, or ulcer), international our bodies, glaucoma, distichiasis (eye lashes rising from the mistaken place), entropion (eyelids that roll in in order that haired pores and skin rubs on the cornea), facial nerve paralysis (eyelids can’t blink), and nasolacrimal (tear duct) obstruction. 

It ought to go with out saying that in the event you discover any signal of ache or discomfort, similar to a yellow or inexperienced discharge from the eyes, redness, itching, or pawing on the eyes, it is best to search veterinary care as quickly as attainable. 

In case your veterinarian identifies an underlying medical difficulty that may be managed or corrected, tear staining will now not be a difficulty. It’s additionally excellent news if no underlying points are recognized. Epiphora (extreme tears that overflow onto the face) is neither painful nor harmful to your canine. It’s merely a beauty difficulty. Typically easy adjustments in grooming habits will assist.


In case your canine has lengthy hair on her face and close to her eyes, preserve this hair  trimmed again. Lengthy hairs rubbing on the eyes are very irritating. Lengthy hairs across the eyes additionally wick tears down onto the face. 

Cleanse your canine’s periocular (across the eyes) space a minimum of as soon as a day with a clear moist material or cotton ball. Eye-wash options containing boric acid are protected to make use of. 

Rubbing a tiny quantity of petroleum jelly onto the hair close to the within nook of the attention after cleaning can assist preserve the tears from penetrating the hair between cleanings, which helps minimizing staining.


As a veterinarian, I’ve heard about all kinds of issues that some folks do to attempt to cut back tear staining. Some folks report success with issues like including buttermilk flour, parsley flakes, or apple cider vinegar to the canine’s meals. Probiotics are purported to assist with tear staining. Utilizing Bausch + Lomb Renu contact lens resolution for cleaning across the eyes has resulted in enchancment.

Typically a easy weight-reduction plan change ends in decision of epiphora and tear staining. When this occurs, it’s seemingly the canine had an underlying allergy to some ingredient in his former weight-reduction plan.

The underside line for all these house treatments: So long as they don’t seem to be dangerous to your canine, there isn’t a hurt in attempting them. You’ll want to present something you’re attempting a minimum of three months earlier than anticipating to see outcomes. As all the time, your veterinarian is your finest useful resource relating to the security of something you’re pondering of attempting.


Eyedrops or ointments that include antibiotics must be reserved for canines whose extreme tear manufacturing results in secondary issues, similar to a foul odor or pores and skin irritation. Indiscriminate use could result in the event of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”.

The most well-liked and broadly recognized over-the-counter product for lowering tear stains known as Angels’ Eyes. Years in the past, this product actually labored, because of its lively ingredient, an antibiotic referred to as tylosin tartrate. 

In 2014, the FDA cracked down on utilizing this product for this function in canines and cats, and the tylosin was faraway from the Angels’ Eyes’ product formulations. Within the opinion of many customers, with out tylosin, the product appeared much less efficient. 

In the present day, Angels’ Eyes gives a number of dietary supplements (in soft-chew and powdered kind) that include cranberry extract. The bioflavonoids in cranberry extract alter the power of micro organism to stay to physique tissues. I don’t know if it’s going to cut back tear staining, nevertheless it ought to assist alleviate the odor that typically comes together with the stains.

Angels’ Eyes additionally sells an exterior wipe, used to wash the world across the canine’s eyes. I desire to make use of a clear damp material for this function.

Tetracycline is one other antibiotic that has confirmed to be an efficient remedy for tear staining, as it really works through a variety of mechanisms. Tetracycline biochemically breaks down the hydrostatic bonds within the canine’s tears, making the tears thinner and thereby higher capable of drain via the canine’s tiny tear ducts. It binds to iron, which is in porphyrin, the pigment accountable for tear staining. Tetracycline has additionally been discovered to diffuse into cells and alter the genetic expression of tear kind and manufacturing. 

The issue is, it’s an antibiotic – and antibiotic resistance is an actual hazard. Indiscriminate antibiotic use contributes to the event of “tremendous bugs” which might be immune to frequent antibiotics. These resistant micro organism could cause life-threatening infections. When docs haven’t any efficient remedy choices, people and animals die. With that ethical and moral difficulty on the desk, the query turns into, is it acceptable to make use of an antibiotic for a purely beauty difficulty in canines?


Discuss to your veterinarian. In case your canine has extreme epiphora and tear staining, particularly if it’s accompanied by odor and/or some underlying pores and skin irritation, maybe your veterinarian will prescribe tetracycline or tylosin to get the present drawback beneath management. Enhance your canine’s grooming, too: Hold the hair on his face trimmed away from his eyes and clear his face each day. As soon as the situation is managed, it is best to be capable of keep his clear face utilizing the grooming methods and anecdotal recommendations talked about above.

And don’t assume all these folks displaying canines know one thing you don’t know; they typically cowl the tear stains with chalk! 

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