Spay Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is the dearth of full, voluntary management over the passage of urine. It outcomes from failure of the bladder and/or urethra (the outlet from the bladder) to comprise urine because the bladder fills. In canines, the commonest trigger for that is referred to as “urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence” (USMI), and it occurs most incessantly in spayed females. Different names for this situation embody idiopathic incontinence, hormone-responsive incontinence, and spay incontinence. 

Spay incontinence is a reasonably widespread dysfunction and has been the topic of a lot dialogue and analysis in medical circles, as is widespread when science has not but been in a position to positively perceive it. Why does it occur? What precisely goes mistaken physiologically? These questions haven’t but been conclusively answered.


Throughout urination, involuntary nerves inform the bladder to contract and the urethra to chill out. The other occurs when urine is held in; the bladder should chill out and the urethra should contract. 

There are estrogen-receptor websites alongside the urethra, supporting ligaments, and muscular tissues. When estrogen attaches to those receptors, the tone of the urethral sphincter strengthens. There are different receptors (alpha receptors), which additionally strengthen urethral tone. Estrogen is thought to extend the quantity and sensitivity of those receptors. 

In a standard spay surgical procedure (extra formally referred to as an ovariohysterectomy), a canine’s ovaries are eliminated (alongside together with her uterus). This implies she not produces estrogen, thereby dropping these strengthening results. Because the muscular tissues and sphincter develop into weaker, the urethra turns into much less efficient at holding again urine, and urine could leak. 

About 5% of spayed feminine canines will develop urinary incontinence. Of these, the overwhelming majority are bigger canines, weighing 40 kilos or extra. In the USA, Dobermans and Big Schnauzers prime the record of breeds with the very best incidence, whereas in Europe it’s the Boxer. 

The time of onset varies fairly a bit. Spay incontinence often happens inside three years of the spay surgical procedure, though some canines will develop signs inside weeks of surgical procedure.


There is no such thing as a settlement amongst consultants concerning the perfect timing of spay surgical procedure and whether or not the age of the canine on the time of surgical procedure impacts the probability of her creating urinary incontinence afterward. There are research that present it’s extra possible in the event you spay them younger (lower than 6 months of age). There are additionally research that say it makes no distinction whether or not you spay them earlier or later (after 12 months).

Whether or not spaying earlier than the primary warmth or after makes a distinction is unclear. Why are the bigger breeds a lot extra incessantly affected than the smaller breeds? We simply don’t know. There may be no less than one research that suggests spaying the bigger breeds later could assist scale back the incidence of spay incontinence. Past that, the talk continues.


If you happen to discover your spayed feminine canine is beginning to depart moist spots the place she lays, she could also be affected by spay incontinence. Different indicators embody wetness across the vulva, staining of the hair across the vulva, paying extra consideration to, and licking at, the vulva. The leaking is sort of at all times intermittent and often most noticeable after resting or sleeping. She’s going to nonetheless urinate usually when taken out to potty, so long as there are not any different compounding points like a urinary tract an infection (UTI).


It looks as if a wierd factor to doc – the scale of the puddle left by a napping incontinent canine – but it surely helped her veterinarian see the extent of the issue. Tip: When you’ve got an incontinent canine, throw an simply washable, absorbent sheet over a canine mattress with a water-proof cowl.

Schedule an appointment together with your veterinarian and make sure to convey a recent (not more than half-hour previous) urine specimen, collected in a clear, dry container. I discover it best to make use of one thing bigger in diameter with a low profile for gathering urine. Simply nonchalantly slide one thing low comparable to a pie plate (versus a Dixie cup) behind your canine when she squats to urinate. 

As soon as collected, pour the urine right into a clear, dry jar to offer to your veterinarian. The more energizing the pattern, the extra correct the outcomes, so it’s not a foul concept to convey your pie plate and container to the clinic and catch your pattern proper exterior. 

Along with operating a urinalysis on the pattern you convey, your veterinarian will do an intensive bodily examination, together with a neurological analysis and rectal palpation. A cautious historical past shall be taken to find out the precise nature of the leaking:

• Is it intermittent or constant? 

• Massive volumes or small puddles? 

• After train or after relaxation? 

• Does it occur solely whereas laying down, or does she dribble whereas strolling?

• Does she urinate usually exterior? 

The urinalysis, examination, and solutions to those questions will assist your veterinarian rule out different underlying situations that may contribute to urinary incontinence. These embody issues like spinal-cord illness, kidney illness, UTI, bladder stones, and diabetes.

If all is regular at this level, your leaky canine will possible be given a analysis of spay incontinence till confirmed in any other case. There are urethral-pressure checks that may be achieved to show that that is USMI, however they’re costly and can put your canine by plenty of presumably pointless testing. As a result of the accessible remedies for spay incontinence are secure and efficient, starting remedy and utilizing a constructive response to remedy as a diagnostic instrument is appropriate.


Medical remedy falls into two teams: hormone substitute (estrogen) and medicines that strengthen contraction of the involuntary muscular tissues of the urethra (alpha agonists).

Phenylpropanolamine (PPA), an alpha agonist, is often the drug of alternative. The favored model title is Proin, manufactured by Pegasus Laboratories. PPA is efficient in 75% to 90% of canines with spay incontinence. It’s comparatively secure however may cause hypertension (hypertension). Your canine’s blood stress needs to be checked earlier than beginning remedy, one week later, once more in a month, after which each six months. Different doable negative effects are restlessness and agitation. 

Sometimes, canines shall be began on twice every day PPA. Some canines can ultimately be maintained with as soon as every day dosing. Some canines could require remedy 3 times a day. Proin additionally is available in an extended-release formulation, which can be preferable for canines requiring 3 times every day dosing of the common system. 

Canines with hypertension, kidney illness, or coronary heart illness shouldn’t be handled with PPA. Hormone substitute remedy is a better option for these canines. 

Diethylstilbsterol (DES) is the unique artificial estrogen that was prescribed for remedy of spay incontinence. Medical issues for human sufferers have made this remedy more durable to search out, however it’s accessible by veterinary compounding pharmacies. After a loading interval of as soon as every day for per week, many canines might be maintained on as soon as weekly remedy. 

On the dosages prescribed for urinary incontinence, this remedy is secure. However at larger dosages, or within the occasion of an inadvertent overdose, it causes life-threatening bone marrow suppression, so make sure to stick with it excessive on a shelf the place your canine can’t get to it.

Estriol is a more moderen, extra widespread estrogen. The model title is Incurin, manufactured by Intervet Schering-Plough. It is a short-acting estrogen that’s extraordinarily secure. It’s dosed as soon as every day. After the preliminary two-week loading interval, it’s really useful to attempt decrease dosages to search out the bottom efficient dose on your canine. Generally this remedy may cause lack of urge for food and vomiting. If the dose your canine requires for efficient management is excessive, she’s going to typically begin to present undesirable indicators of warmth (swollen vulva, male canine consideration). On this case, PPA could also be a better option.


There are some sensible issues you are able to do to guard your own home in case your canine is susceptible to urinary incontinence. Ensure that your canine empties her bladder earlier than bedtime and even earlier than settling down for naps, if doable. Washable feminine canine diapers can be found from pet provide shops. And water resistant dog-bed covers (and even sofa covers) can be found on-line.

If you happen to’ve tried Proin to no avail, after which tried Incurin, and nonetheless had no luck in stopping the urine dribble, ask your veterinarian about making an attempt them collectively. They’re secure to make use of collectively, and there’s incessantly a synergistic boosting impact.

Any remedy, or mixture of medicines, that works on your canine could develop into much less efficient over time, so count on ups and downs and the necessity for adjustment of medicines. Different medicines typically tried in refractory instances embody conjugated estrogens (e.g., Premarin) and GnRH agonists (e.g., Lupron). For canines not helped with medicines, surgical choices can be found.

Urinary incontinence because of sphincter mechanism incompetence makes your canine extra susceptible to UTIs, so make sure to have her urine checked periodically. This needs to be the very first thing you do in case your beforehand well-controlled incontinent canine begins leaking once more.

Generally, this irritating, annoying downside might be safely and successfully managed with remedy. So, if this occurs to your spayed feminine, don’t lose hope! 

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