What Is Dog Trancing?

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Why canines do it and what it means

The primary time you discover your canine slowly creeping beneath a low-hanging department or a dangling tablecloth, head transferring languorously side-to-side and a far-away look in his eye, you may fear that it heralds a seizure, or factors to obsessive-compulsive tendencies. However as soon as the pup has carried out this ritual repeatedly with no obvious in poor health results to well being (his) or property (yours), it’s possible you’ll merely surprise what causes this hypnosis-like habits.

In truth, specialists say that Trance-like Syndrome (TLS)—additionally known as “ghost-walking,” “weed-walking” or just “trancing”—is often a benign canine quirk. Although most typical in Bull Terriers and sighthounds (comparable to Greyhounds and Salukis), TLS has been noticed in a number of breeds and mixes.

However why do our furry pals act this manner within the presence of low-hanging objects, and are there any conditions wherein this ritual signifies an sickness or behavioral situation?

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