Pandemic Puppies’ Face Behavioral, Socialization Challenges

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At first look, Gabby seems to be a wonderfully regular adolescent canine—a wholesome, completely satisfied and rambunctious mixed-breed pet quickly to be a yr outdated. She is just one of an avalanche of roughly 3 million new U.S. pets bought or adopted to brighten their house owners’ lives in the course of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s not till she is approached by a stranger—or an odd canine—or uncovered to a brand new and unfamiliar atmosphere that it turns into clear Gabby just isn’t precisely as carefree as she appears. She typically reacts with worry or uncertainty when she encounters new folks or different canines. She is close to panic when confronted with a brand new atmosphere or an unfamiliar state of affairs. Even taking her to the vet is tougher and nerve-racking than normal for each her and her house owners.

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