Dog Scooting: What You Can Do

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While you see a canine “scoot” on his behind, wiping his bum on the rug or garden, do you assume, “Gee, that appears like enjoyable!”? No! The very first thing you assume is, “Oh expensive, he should be uncomfortable!” 

Why do canines do that? And what can we do to assist them?

Most frequently, when canines scoot, they’re attempting to alleviate the strain and discomfort that comes from overly full anal glands. 


The anal glands are two sacs that sit inside the anal sphincter muscle. In the event you think about the canine’s anus as a clock face, the place of the glands are roughly 4:00 and eight:00.

Observing the truth that canines routinely sniff one another’s butts when greeting, animal conduct specialists speculate that the anal glands play a task in canine socializing. However right this moment, as canines serve largely as companions to people and stay in our society, the glands seem to serve no objective aside from to harass your canine and also you! 

Some canines by no means have any hassle with their anal glands. When these canines have a bowel motion, the passing stool presses on the anal glands and discharges among the fluid from the glands, thus conserving the glands in a snug, not overfull situation.


Issues come up when a canine’s anal glands don’t obtain any emptying with bowel actions. The gland secretions proceed to build up with no outlet. When the glands attain an uncomfortable strain, the canine will scoot alongside on the bottom, attempting to alleviate the strain. Many canines will lick incessantly on the anus with the identical purpose. When some canines’ glands are overly full, the proprietor will periodically odor a foul, generally fishy odor emanating from the fluid that leaks from the anal glands.

To make these canines snug, the anal glands should be manually expressed. This service is often supplied by your veterinarian, a licensed veterinary technician, or a talented groomer. 

With a gloved and lubricated hand, strain is utilized to the glands, till the secretions are expelled by way of the ducts which have openings within the anus. This may generally be achieved fully externally, relying on the place of the gland and the angle of its duct. 

When this isn’t potential, the index finger is inserted into the rectum, and the gland is squeezed between the index finger internally and the thumb externally. Regular anal gland secretions are liquid to pudding-like in consistency and vary in colour from beige to grey or brown.

How usually a canine wants his anal glands expressed varies. As soon as a month is just not unusual. House owners usually wait till their canine begins scooting once more, then schedule anal gland expression. This may get costly, particularly if carried out along with your veterinarian. 

In case you are up for the problem, you may ask your veterinarian to show you the best way to specific the glands your self. This could prevent quite a lot of money and time. I’ve taught just a few canine homeowners how to do that over time. Not surprisingly, most of them maintain coming in for anal gland expression. I imply, let’s face it, it’s not a nice job!


It may be uncomfortable to witness your canine’s efforts to cope with the ache of full anal glands, however present some understanding and get her some assist as rapidly as potential, earlier than her glands get impacted or contaminated, or burst.
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Illness states related to the anal glands embrace impaction, an infection, abscesses, and tumors. Impacted anal glands get full of dry, exhausting materials that’s tough to manually specific. Generally a number of days of heat sitz baths are essential to loosen up the impacted materials sufficient to permit expression. For this, partially fill a bathtub with heat water and have your canine sit along with his or her anus submerged for 10 minutes, two to a few instances each day. 

It’s essential to alleviate impacted anal glands as these are more likely to abscess. Anal gland abscesses happen when the gland will get contaminated and fills with pus. This situation usually seems as a scorching, crimson, painful swelling subsequent to the anus that breaks open and drains by way of the pores and skin.

Remedy for an anal gland abscess contains heat sitz baths, oral antibiotics, ache treatment, and medical-progress exams along with your veterinarian.

Anal gland infections that haven’t abscessed but are normally recognized throughout expression. Contaminated anal gland secretions are sometimes inexperienced in colour and generally bloody. For this situation, your veterinarian will insert a tiny cannula into the anal gland duct, flush the gland with saline and/or an antiseptic, and inject an antibiotic ointment into the gland. Heat sitz baths and oral antibiotics are essential for this situation, too.

Anal gland tumors are usually found through the technique of expressing the anal glands. When discovered, surgical elimination of the affected gland and tumor is really useful. Some anal gland tumors are benign and surgical procedure is healing. Sadly, malignant tumors carry a guarded prognosis for long-term survival.

You might ask, why not simply have the possibly problematic glands surgically eliminated? Surgical elimination of regular anal glands is usually not really useful. This could be an elective process – extra for comfort than medical want –and there are dangers related to the process, together with everlasting fecal incontinence.


The easiest way to attempt to assist your canine keep away from anal gland points, and to reduce the need of handbook anal gland expression, is so as to add fiber to your canine’s weight-reduction plan. The thought is that the elevated fiber will bulk up your canine’s bowel actions, making them greater and thus extra more likely to put strain on the anal glands, releasing secretions on their approach by. 

The best methods so as to add fiber to your canine’s weight-reduction plan is with psyllium powder (like Metamucil) or canned pumpkin. For small canines, acceptable quantities can be ¼ teaspoon (tsp) Metamucil or 1 heaping tsp canned pumpkin per meal; for medium canines, ½ tsp Metamucil or 1 heaping tablespoon (tbsp) canned pumpkin per meal; and for bigger canines, ¾ tsp Metamucil or 2 heaping tbsp canned pumpkin per meal.

Dietary fiber will assist some canines. For others, maintaining with handbook anal gland expression as wanted is the one strategy to maintain them snug. 

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