A Dog’s Coat Patterns Hold Clues to Their Wolf Ancestors

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Discovering historic origins in DNA

New analysis sheds mild on a subset of canine coat patterns. The findings increase new questions on long-held tenets of canine evolution.

The research findings reveal structural variants that management expression of the agouti signaling protein, or ASIP, gene at two separate places to supply 5 distinctive canine coloration patterns. These completely different patterns are widespread, occurring in a whole lot of canine breeds and a whole lot of tens of millions of canine around the globe.

The query of when these adjustments arose shocked the researchers.

They found that the genetic mixture for one of many coat patterns—dominant yellow, or DY—is shared with arctic white wolves and, primarily based on phylogenetic evaluation, originated from an extinct canid that diverged from grey wolves greater than 2 million years in the past.

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